Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Neck Pain

Strengthen It

Are you having neck pain? Have you considered visiting a cedar city chiropractor? Even more important than stretching your neck to diminish neck pain is to strengthen your neck. Here are some recommendations of some straightforward methods that increase the strength of your neck that you can do during the day at home or at work:

Boost yourself – literally. When you’re sitting in your chair at your desk, push downward with your hands while they’re on the chair’s edge. The pressure will raise your butt an inch or two from the chair. For about 5 seconds, just hold it there, come back down, and do 5 or 6 more reps.

-Try the turtle. Most people bow their back towards the screen when they’ve been parked in front of a computer too long. Did you know that the weight of your head is approximately 10 lbs.? Well, when in you’re in that bowed position, that weight naturally exerts pressure on the neck. This equals pain. The turtle exercise will train your neck muscles to sit with correct posture. Using your neck muscles and without tilting your head back, force your head backward (hands-free) parallel with your shoulder blades. Hold and repeat.

-Try the “Yes Dear.” Having neck discomfort from being cramped for over an hour in a car during a road vacation? Then do this one. Move your head backward and look behind you as far as you can, all the while maintaining a level chin. Switch to the other side. Relax and repeat.

Buy a better pillow

Getting a good nights rest is so important for your overall health, and your pillow is a large part of that especially where your neck is concerned. The position you sleep in will decide what the best pillow is for you personally. Contour pillows for back sleepers are usually best. Firm pillows for side sleepers are usually best. If you’re a stomach sleeper…well…that’s likely why your neck hurts! Consult your cedar city chiropractor about that.

Make Your Posture Better

You’ve got to take a lot of little breaks if your job requires you to be sitting down on a chair at a desk all day, preferably at 30 to 60 min intervals. Don’t slouch in your chair. Sit up straight. It’ll be very uncomfortable at first but over time you’ll get used it and it will become more comfortable then slouching. A cedar city chiropractor will tell you that posture is key to a healthy neck. 

Visit a Cedar City Chiropractor 

This is obvious but still needs to be mentioned. The chiropractor is a professional and can fix your pain naturally and in many cases comfortably rather than prescribe you a bunch of pills that will only relieve your pain temporarily. Plus they’ll leave you with tools to take home with you in form of stretches and exercises, much like the ones mentioned previously.

Get Your Shoulders and Neck Stretched Out

Remember that your shoulder muscles are firmly connected to your neck muscles and that the majority of the tension is found in these areas. You must be vigilant about doing stretches every day that focuses on your neck muscles. Here’re some suggestions:

-Neck Stretches. Lay your ear straight down towards your shoulder.  Then roll your head forward and to the other side until your other ear is just above your shoulder. Relax and repeat, alternating sides.

-Shoulder Stretches. Alternating in forward and backward motion, roll your shoulders smoothly while extending the muscles further than you naturally would. While doing that, connect your fingers together and lift your hands high above your head. Hold, relax, and repeat.

Don’t hurt yourself by over-extending. Push yourself just far enough so it doesn’t hurt. You know what I mean. Your neck will thank you. Call your cedar city chiropractor today!


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