Chiropractic Miracles: Defying the Odds and Stunning the Logic

What is meant by the term chiropractic miracles? You may have heard of this, but what does it really mean?  Simply put, they are rare, unexpected blessings to one’s health after a spinal manipulation.  So, doctors of chiropractic like to refer to them as bonuses.  Because the science and art of chiropractic have long produced the expected benefits of spinal manipulation, when the surprised benefits occur, they are indeed bonuses.  And some call them “miracles.”

The chiropractic miracles of the practice occur daily around the world.  One such event was reported in the Los Angeles Times newspaper in the late 1980s.  A heart patient had sought care from several cardiologists and internists regarding his malfunctioning heart, yet the treatments were unsuccessful.  Then, a chiropractic adjustment resolved the issue, saving and changing the man’s life.  In the eyes of many, it was “miraculous.”

Now, how could a chiropractic adjustment cure a heart problem?  How could it be explained scientifically?  Well, the best explanation is that the adjustment to the patient’s upper back removed interference to the nerves that innervate the heart, thereby allowing the heart to function normally.  In other words, the patient’s vertebrae, T2 to T4 (just below the neck) being slightly misaligned or subluxated could cause pressure on the nerve roots–exiting the spine through small holes–that feed the heart.  The rubbing pressure on nerve roots can diminish the nerves’ capacity to properly control their target tissues and organs.  There was likely some inflammation and irritation due to the vertebral subluxation in the Los Angeles case, and correcting the relationship between the vertebrae of the upper back and the nerve roots could have improved nerve stimulation to the heart.

Chiropractic miracles were experienced by the author just a few months ago.  A 30-year-old female who had been in a car accident was getting treated for the sprains (whiplash) and strains of the upper spine.  One day she enthusiastically reported that after yesterday’s adjustment to her upper back, she started breathing freer and easier than she had in years.  A bonus!  Indeed, the nerves that control lung function exit the spinal cord at the upper back.  Miracle or bonus?

To be sure, there are many proven benefits of spinal manipulation, such as reduced inflammation and therefore pain, better flexibility and ranges of motion, better posture, faster healing of the soft tissues attached to the spine (ligaments, tendons, etc.), and ability to return to activities of a normal lifestyle.  Moreover, the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine states that “Chiropractic is the only proven method for rehabilitating chronic whiplash.”

The author has found this to be true in practice.  For example, some people involved in an auto collision will seek oral medication from a medical doctor and physical therapy; however, after several weeks of masking the pain with the meds and doing the physical therapies, they often find limitations to their recovery.  Physical therapy is very helpful, but without correcting the spinal fixations and misalignments, you will never achieve optimal function, motion, and healing.  For this reason, some physical therapists do perform a few spinal manipulations, but wouldn’t you want your spine corrected by someone who is specially trained with various techniques to find and remove the subtle and specific vertebral subluxations?

The bonuses of chiropractic care are wonderful and so common and explainable that the term chiropractic miracles is arguably a misnomer.

chiropractic miracles

Chiropractic Miracles: Defying the Odds and Stunning the Logic

Chiropractic Miracles

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