Massage Therapy vs. Chiropractic Therapy

Your body has a lot of moving parts that work together to make you function properly, and if those parts become damaged or hindered, you feel discomfort. When this discomfort begins to surface and you feel that something is the matter, that’s your cue to get some treatment, see a professional, and figure out what is going on with your body. There are all sorts of treatments and medications that you can choose from considering what type of discomfort you are feeling. Three common options are massage, chiropractic care, and pills. So which one do you choose? Those who are more inclined to pursue an all-natural path will likely choose to see a Cedar City chiropractor or a massage therapist. They both have wonderful benefits, but they have differences. That’s not to say that they don’t have the same goal in mind – because they do – which is to get you feeling better. But specific circumstances may require choosing one over the other. If it’s your joints, ligaments, muscles, or spine that hurt, your range of motion is probably experiencing a setback at the moment – and you’re probably in pain. If this describes your current state, we’re going to guess that you’ve been in an athletic accident, car accident, or some other painful contact trauma. If you want to avoid taking a large amount of medication (or any medication at all) then massage therapy or Cedar City chiropractic work are what you should be leaning towards. Let’s look at the differences.

Massage Therapy

As you may already know, your muscles are the target when dealing with massage therapy. Problematic areas where you may be experiencing tension, strain, and other forms of discomfort can be quickly relieved, in most cases, from a professional massage. There is a misunderstanding about massage therapy in that many people view it solely as a luxury activity that people do on vacations. This is just not true. Massage therapy is a legitimate medical science that has helped millions with their physical issues and in their recoveries. Massages promote the more effective flow of energy and fluids as your muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues are meticulously applied with pressure. Realignment of your inner-body, especially your spine, are accomplished as well. The main difference between massage therapists and chiropractors is that massage therapists cannot write you a prescription and are not licensed in the same way as chiropractors are. They take a more holistic approach that almost never involves medication. There are many different types of techniques in the massage field that are utilized in specific situations.

Chiropractic Therapy

One of the main characteristics of chiropractic therapy that differs from massage therapy is the fact the chiropractic therapy deals mainly with the hard tissue rather than soft tissue. And chiropractors target your long-term rehabilitation and prescribe exercise that you will do at home and as you’re going throughout your day. Far and away the manipulation of the spine is a chiropractor’s go-to treatment. It’s so effective in so many different cases, especially for patients experiencing neck and back pain. Unlike massage therapists, they are authorized to have x-rays ordered and can even order to have blood work done.



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