Neck pain In Cedar City Utah

Face-palm yourself with extra pressure. Really. Let me explain. Cedar City Utah is full of great chiropractors and they are here to help with neck pain. When we’re stressing out, a lot of people typically tighten up the muscles in our neck. Doing this reflexing act over and over again over time creates a lot of stiff necks. Let me explain to you an exercise that will make your neck happy by diminishing all of that tension. The neat part about it is that all of your coworkers will just look at you thinking you’re stressed out when really you’re stretching. While in your chair, tilt your body forward and rest on the desk your elbows. Place your palms over your face while leveling your shoulders and your head and put some good pressure on your face with your hands. Your hands are acting as resistance while you press hard into the palms of your hands. Hold, relax, and repeat. Now do the same thing but backward into your hands instead of forward, putting your hands on the back of your head and pressing your head backward into them; a backward face-palm. Hold, relax, and repeat. Sounds unusual but it works.

Give Yourself a Lift

Yet another stretch that you can do at work. Push downward onto your chair while your hands are positioned on the chair’s edge. Now raise your hips and rear end upwards. Hold, relax, and repeat. This one won’t turn quite as many heads as #1 on this list and it’s just as effective, focusing on different muscles.

While you’re sitting on your couch, pull your shoulder blades back.

While you’re on the couch, scoot to the end of the cushion, straighten our your spine pretending like there’s a string attached to the top of your head pulling upwards. Set both of your hands down on your thighs. Bring both of the blades of your shoulders closer, making them touch. Hold, relax, and repeat. The best thing you can do is call a Cedar City Utah chiropractor, you don’t even have to pause you’re the TV show that you are watching or get up off the couch to execute this exercise.

Visit a Cedar City Utah Chiropractor

Cedar City Utah Chiropractic treatment is the body’s natural pain remedy. Your chiropractor will not prescribe you addictive medications, instead, he or she will treat your pain instantly by addressing your bodies urgent problems. You will also be given direction on how you can continue to help yourself alleviate future problems at home.

Sitting in the car or at a laptop screen for hours? Do the turtle.

Perpetually stretching our necks forward is something that happens all the time while people are in their cars driving or looking at a screen for a very long time. Who knows why we do this because it’s not like we’re going to reach where we are going faster or complete our writing assignment faster by leaning in closer. Well, regardless of why we do this, it is not good for our necks. Most likely you’re going to have a headache. Take our advice and try this: as you’re in the automobile or in front of your computer, imagine you are a turtle moving your head in and out of your shell all the while making sure that your chin is level. Make sure that the curve in the back of your neck is level. Hold, relax, and repeat. By doing this, your neck muscles will get relief and over time you will train your posture to improve itself. Again, this may seem unusual but try it before rolling your eyes. It’s proven to work. Call a Cedar City Utah Chiropractor today.


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