4 Most Common Chiropractic

Treatments For Whiplash

Treatments for whiplash is extremely important so before we get into the specifics about what Cedar City chiropractors do when treating a patient suffering from the effects of whiplash, it’s important to point out that every single whiplash case is different from the next. This needs to be mentioned because it’s not a good idea to generalize the treatment of whiplash and say that what works for one person will work for another because that’s just not true. However, getting treatment from a professional chiropractor is far and away the most effective method of treating the effects of whiplash in any case. We will attempt to explain the hows and the whys of these methods that bring relief to pain in the shoulders, neck, back and other surrounding areas. Here are the 4 most common and effective whiplash treatments:


This treatment is far and away what we would call the primary one for all patients seeking relief from whiplash. The manipulation of the spine sounds relatively simple, but it requires the expertise of a professional. Your Cedar City chiropractor will meticulously and softly move the specific joint (and usually some surrounding joints) towards the area that it restricting it. Another name for this treatment is chiropractic adjustment. This treatment almost always will include the chiropractor making quick thrusts into the area of restriction. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, a slower and more controlled thrust is used instead of the forceful one, but the idea is still to work the joint back into the area that’s giving the most trouble.

Muscle Stimulation

The infrequency of use by Cedar City chiropractors, muscle stimulation is right behind manipulation. This is an extremely effective chiropractic use for treatments for whiplash that is specifically utilized in situations where the patient is experiencing dysfunction of certain muscles. If the patient has certain muscles that have a large amount of tension (a lot more than usual) and happens to be contracting a lot, then the chiropractor will attempt to relax the muscles in pain by gingerly stretching them. In some situations, the patient’s muscle is so rigid that often the chiropractor will have to employ a much stronger stretch. The muscle stimulation method also includes techniques involving applied finger pressure as a way to lessen muscle tension.

McKenzie Exercises

You may not have heard of McKenzie exercises, but these are very effective and unique exercises that allow the patient to receive treatments for whiplash in the office by a Cedar City Chiropractor and then afterward go home with tools to continue those exercises in their personal lives (office, home, etc). They were created particularly to lessen what’s called disc derangement, which is a common effect of an injury involving whiplash. These exercises are also extremely effective if the patient has suffered severe trauma related to unfortunately common accidents such as falling abruptly, involvement in a car crash, or contact sports injuries.

Lifestyle Changes

Piggybacking off of McKenzie exercises, the reason Cedar City chiropractors want to incorporate the initiation of certain lifestyle changes for their patients is because the treatments for whiplash must carry on outside of the visits to the chiropractor’s office or else the pain and discomfort will linger on and on, taking a long time to heal. The patient needs to be aware of what his or her body is doing while performing mundane everyday actions and perhaps alter their movements slightly in many of these areas so that the pain caused by whiplash can be eliminated faster. Sometimes certain devices or ergonomic items can be provided or recommended by the chiropractor to aid the patient in making these lifestyle changes.


Treatments For Whiplash