Utah Car Accident Stats and Information: How Safe Are Our Roads?

The average day in Utah (2014-2016) sees roughly 165 motor vehicle crashes, involving over 400 people, with one fatality. Seventy of the 400 people have obvious injuries, and the rest likely have sustained at least minor spinal sprains and strains, with noticeable symptoms within a week following the car accident. This article will provide relevant Utah car accident stats.

Good progress has been made to reduce motor vehicle crashes in Utah, with a rapid decline in the injury and fatal crash rates over the last 40 years. If Utah had the same fatal crash rate in 2015 as it had in1975, there would have been 736 additional deaths in 2015. These reductions can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the following:

 Traffic safety programs.

 Aggressive media and enforcement programs targeting driver behavior.

 Legislation targeting restraint use, graduated driver licensing, and impaired driving.

 Improved safety of motor vehicles and engineering of roadways.

 Advancements in emergency response and treatment.

The personal and socioeconomic effect of motor vehicle crashes is a continuing concern in the State of Utah. In 2015, there was 60,012 reported traffic crashes on public roadways in Utah. These crashes involved 151,237 people, with 25,350 injured and 278 people killed.

Utah made progress in the following areas over the last few years:

 The Utah death rate per vehicle mile traveled has been below the U.S. rate since 2001.

 The percent of crashes involving a teen driver has a decreasing trend.

 The motorcyclist crash rate per registered motorcycle has shown a decreasing trend.

 The number of bicyclists in crashes in 2015 decreased for the third straight year.

As improvements are made and progress continues, traffic safety needs to remain a top priority. Some areas of concern as far as Utah car accident stats are concerned include the following:

 Traffic deaths were the highest total in Utah since 2007.

 The number of injured persons in crashes increased for the fifth straight year.

 There was 5,976 more traffic crashes in 2015 compared to 2014.

 Speed remains the leading contributing factor in deaths.

 Pedestrian deaths in 2015 were the highest since 1987.

 Drowsy driving crashes were the highest since 2007.

 The number of deaths in 2015 involving a distracted driver was the highest since 2007.

 The number of deaths to unrestrained occupants was the highest total since 2009.

 Deaths involving a drunk driver have shown an increasing trend.

 The percent of crashes involving an older driver has shown an increasing trend.

 The number of crashes involving a drug-related driver in 2015 was the highest on record.

Other interesting and important statistics regarding the incidence of automobile accidents in Utah are as follows:

 A motor vehicle crash occurred every 8 minutes.

 A person was injured in a crash every 20 minutes.

 A teenage driver crash occurred every 42 minutes.

 A speed-related crash occurred every 50 minutes.

 A driver, age 65 years or older was in a crash every 67 minutes.

 A distracted driver crash occurred every 89 minutes.

These Utah car accidents stats will be helpful to know and increase your knowledge about the state of transportation in the area where you live.

Utah Crash Summary, Utah Department of Highway Safety, 2016

Utah car accident stats

Utah Car Accident Stats and Information: How Safe Are Our Roads?

Utah Car Accident Stats

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